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Tower about to be raised

About to host up the radio tower for the mega tree

Tower halfway up

Lift in progress...we're guiding it with ropes

Tower all the way up

Fully raised. Now we have to bolt down the base

Laying out the extension cords for the mega tree

Some of our college students laying out the 192 extension cords

Starting to put the light strands on the tree

Just starting to hang the 68 foot light strands

A few more strands

Now we have a few more attached

Almost there

Nearly all done. This took about 6 hours with me trapped on the tower!

First time we lit up the tree

The first time we lit up the tree. Check out my daughters standing at the base!

Looking up from the base

It makes you very dizzy to look upward from the base

Laying out the LOR boxes

Now time to connect up the LOR control boxes. The tree takes 193 channels total

Putting lights on the little mega tree

I'm lazy, so I use a bucket lift for the small 23 foot mega tree